Il vangelo secondo Matteo Pier Paolo Pasolini
George Dureau - Brian Reeves
Mapplethorpe - Crowland
Rossy de Palma y Marina Abramović
Gabriel García Márquez
Dimitri Tsykalov
Elizabeth Taylor

"The Girl Who Lived on the Bottom of the Sea"
There once was a girl who lived on the bottom of the seaBorn with gills in her neck, it’s the only place she felt freeSwimming and floating, to be left alone was her wishLiving a peaceful life amidst the coral and fish.
But growing up on dry land, they called her “The Wretched Gill Girl”Cruel people kept her in a cage, and sneers and jeers they would hurlShe endured their mockery and laughter, so jealous and pettyUntil she escaped from her prison, and dove off the jetty.
Bidding the surface world “adieu”, she made a new life for herselfFormed a country of her own, deep between the continental shelfLeaving those awful folks behind, she has no more reason to frownAnd when the ice caps finally melt, she can watch them all drown. :-)
(Starring the lovely poetess Tam from!)
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Carlo Buzzi | Rabdomante, 2013

nico kok, curved picture, 1992

Ghana - Silk Screen Printing - 2010
Adinkra cloth.

Violeta La Burra by Humberto Rivas, 1979